How to Avoid Theft Identity When Creating Email Account?

Creating an email account for yourself will go through a step by step method. It is not really hard actually but requires some thinking. There steps that needs careful thinking of how we input our data. You can find in this article what are these things. Just continue reading below and you will find out:
Step One: Pick out what kind of email provider you wish to set up you email. There are wide varieties of alternatives such as the Yahoo and Gmail account which are the most common email service provider. These are the basic services nevertheless; you can discover more additional options.
Step Two: Choose just what the email address you would like to use permanently. Possibly it’s your full name, first name, last name or your full name. Make sure you make an email ID that could be easily remembered by people. You may put some several types of variations such as alphanumeric or pure alphabet or even use hyphens. Anything you just like you can put on your email address. To read more about this point, look for Google mail sign up help.
Step Three: Soon after you are done with your email ID it’s time for your password. Be sure the password you developed is not hard to not forget and won’t be capable of forget. Always keep in mind, try not to give out your password. It should be only you knows it.


After you have completed these steps, you are now proceeded to answer a security question that would be asked from you in time you forgot your password. Choose a security question that you can easily remember the answer.  For help about how to login on your account after the creation, go to Gmail search help.

How to Hire the Perfect Web Designer

You want to start a website because you want your idea to come to life. But you do not know or do not have any idea how to start. You are eager to start your business to earn income and see in real your website. The best solution is to hire a web designer. But there are people who call themselves as designer yet cannot give what you want. Hiring a web designer must be taken into some thoughts. There are things you need to see before you can say that this is the right person to make your dream website came true.

Here are some key points you need to look for when it comes to hiring a web designer:

a.       Create a simple test and reject those who cannot follow. Cut those candidates who cannot even follow your instructions at their first test on your application. There are many too proud freelancers who will boast about their works yet simple instructions from the client they cannot even follow.

b.      Reject those unprofessional and casual tones during interview. There are those who can talk carelessly towards you and when it comes to the job they are lazy.

c.       Ask their previous clients. Just make sure it is included on their reference. You can ask what kind of employer this candidate and his or her performance during work.

d.      Ask for some samples or their portfolio. There portfolio can give you the insight what they can offer to you.

e.      Pick your top three. Among the candidates, you can choose three candidates which you can pick the one who will be your web designer before choosing the one. You can give them the last test and see who understands well the instructions and can give what you want.

These are some tips you can do when you want to hire a web designer.