Calculating Your Unemployment Insurance Benefits

You need to collect immediately your unemployment benefits once you have been terminated on your job. This is because the application will be approved for a long time. So, if you are planning to apply, make sure also that you know how much you can get. Calculating your benefits will give you on the task to deals with numbers and requires steps to do. If you want to know the estimate amount you will get when you file unemployment, here are some steps that will teach you.

  1. You must determine first the maximum amount of the weekly compensation provided by the state. You can contact the department of labor for the amount or you can look up the information on the Louisiana Workforce website.
  2. You also have to count date range of the base period you have. This will help the amount of unemployment benefits you can actually receive based on the salary you earned. The base period you have will be the last four months you have worked before the month you have applied for the unemployment.
  3. Know how much your gross pay is on the base period you have. You will know it by asking your former employers of the records you have or looking on your old pay slips and add the total amount.
  4. You need to know also the formula used in the state to calculate the unemployment benefits. You can also obtain this information in the department of labor website or asking the office immediately. The formula will use your based period, gross pay and a certain percentage to be multiplied. There will be additional if you have dependents.
  5. Lastly, once you obtained the formula. Input the numbers according to what you have found out about your based period, gross pay and calculate. If you have calculated higher amount than the maximum benefits the state offers, then it is possible you can get the maximum benefits. If you get lower, then expect it will be lower amount you will get.

Just follow the steps above to know how much compensation you can have to support you and your family temporarily. The website is also a hire job search site for those who want to apply immediately.