Child Support Payment Ways in Florida

For children who are not supported well by their parents can apply for a child support help from They will ensure that parents will undergo legal procedures until they are supported right. Get your own Myflorida access account now by signing up on their website. For parents who will be paying for a support, here are the details:

Online Transaction Payment of Child Supportimage2

  • You need to render a payment to start with at You need to use your credit card and generate an account in the web site. You will find a 3.5% processing payment on each transfer.
  • And once you have successfully produced an online account, even though it is not really essential yet it is an effective way to compensate online, you can look at your payment periodically Just sign in the details, username and password, you have provided in the website. Click the “View Recent Payment” url. In this page, you will see the first five recent payments you have completed. Your SSS and uniform number are essential here.
  • Make sure that you verify any current payment you have paid. You should make sure that the right amount will be paid on any transaction. You will be also able to monitor your regular monthly


Mail or Money Transfer Payment of Child Support


  1. You may make payment by way of money transfer having Western Union, Money Gram and Amscot. You ought to include your personal information, the person’s name you’ll be sustaining and case number. On the payment, feature the processing fee and keep to the terms on the preferred company. Keep the invoice as well as the information
  2. Payments must be mailed at Florida State Disbursement Unit, P.O. Box 8500 Tallahassee, Florida 32314-8500. Bear in mind also your own personal info, the name of the person you’ll be assisting and the case number. Don’t forget to ship it through professional